Yoga with Sound
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What is music to you? When was the last time you attended a choir or orchestra performance, or a concert that touched your heart? Have you ever experienced music that affect your emotional, mental or even physical states? A piece of music might cheer or depress someone. Fast speed music tend to increase our heart rate and make us alert, while slow pace music tend to relax us.

The practice of yoga is well known for its benefits to our body and mind. How about infusing the theraputic qualities of music or sound with yoga? What about yoga in a choir?🎶🎵

The experience is always so beautiful that it is impossible to use words to describe♥♥♥Each individual's voice is unique and when combine together, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Singing with awareness in a yoga posture can help to enhance our body's natural healing process to restore its balance from a stressful state. Our voice is the most amazing sound instrument for healing and transformation.

Sing, Yoga, Relax! Join me to create your unique and profound experience in Yoga with Sound!